Already been played out on BBC Scotland/Radio 1.Supported by Vic Galloway and Ally McCrae.

‘Great track….Could be really big with the right support! (Joe Muggs ,Bolier room,FACT,Mixmag on Mr Snake Politician ft Ghostphreak by Goat Doctor)

‘wikkid….this does sound like Captain Beefheart! ,LOVE it’ deejay UMB Generation Bass

“Oh Yes’ Lord Cry Cry (Generation Bass Label)

‘Ok On first impressions,this is genius’ Stuart Brown (Jazz Drummer who studied with Miles Davis, Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius’ Drummer;Kenwood Denard,and also worked with David Byrne (Talking Heads) David Gordon (of Sun RA Arkestra) Tom Jones and The Raymond Scott Project)

“Wow so good,reminds me of Tom Waits’ Mata Hari (First world Industries,Generation Bass)

“.luv it…..Lux Interior consuming the remnants of Can and Faust post drug enduced comedown..with a bit of Screamin Lord Sutch meets Vadim…’
(Dee jay Hooker-Exeter/Bristol Festivals and Events Manager/former Record Mirror Journalist+Founder of Phonic FM and Vibraphonic Festival)

“Well my gf thought this was Tom Waits’ Rick Kazan (Teenage Fan Club’s sub Guitar Tech)

‘More Beefheart than Waits which is a good thing’ Ken McHugh (The Bathers)

‘this is what would happen if u gave Aleister Crowley a bag of mushies and a mic and took him on a psycho killer road trip with Frank Zappa,Captain Beefheart and Johnny Cash.As dark as a demons underpants’ Eastborn Dropzone Records

‘Like Captain Beefheart chewin a bag of nails’ Anon

‘the voice of a man that sounds like hes gargling cat litter’ Anon

‘First ones great. Haven’t heard the second ones yet but the first ones remind me of Howlin’Wolf – which can only be a good thing. Voodoo Blues.’       -Paul Hughes Scottish Television Presenter/Celtic Music Radio

‘This is the rawest shit on soundcloud ever,reminds me a lot of Salem’ James Anderson North Colour